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Liquid Fuel Measurements and Conversions

1 kiloliter = 1 cubic meter 1 metric ton = 1.165 kiloliters 1 metric ton = 7.33 barrels 1 metric ton = 307.86 gallons 1 barrel of crude oil = 44.60 gallons of petroleum products ... 1 metric ton natural gas = 10 barrels 1 metric ton NGL (natural gas liquids) = 10.4 barrels Liquid fuels …

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2020-04-25 · Disclaimer: The MOE Conversion tool should be used as a guide only as it has been configured to provide approximate conversions. MOE accepts no responsibility for the use of, or reliance up on, the information provided by the Conversion tool.

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How Many Square Meters of Natural Gas are Needed for 10 T. Assuming that the calorific value of natural gas fuel is 36.22MJ/Nm3 and the thermal efficiency of natural gas is 92%, it can be concluded that a 10 ton gas boiler need 750 cubic meters of natural gas per hour, and the 24-hour natural gas consumption of b. [email protected] > Get A Quote >

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1 metric ton oil equivalent = approximately 42 giga-joules 1 metric ton oil equivalent = approximately 1.5 met-ric tons of hard coal 1 metric ton oil equivalent = approximately 3 metric tons of lignite coal 1 metric ton oil equivalent = approximately 12 megawatt-hours 1 million metric tons oil equivalent = 1.111 billion cubic meters natural gas

PDF Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors For Direct Emission Sources

Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors For Direct Emission Sources Stationary Emission Sources Table 1 provides greenhouse gas (GHG) emission factors for combustion of common fossil fuels at stationary (non-transport) sources.

Natural Gas price (converting from cubic meter to mmBtu)

2010-06-24 · 10,000 mmBtu = 283200 cubic meter 4.87 x 10,000 mmBtu = ,8700 per NG contract ,8700/283200 x 1000 = 1.96 per 1000 cubic meter Should just use the ratio 1:28.32, then use today's natural gas price divide 28.32, then multiple by 1000 to get the price in per 1000 cubic meter.

Convert Gas Meter Readings to kWh

2020-04-25 · Convert Gas Meter Readings to kWh. Your gas meter will record your gas consumption in either cubic meters or hundreds of cubic feet. You will however pay for gas using a price per kWh. To convert your gas meter readings to kWhs feel free to use our free gas meter reading calculator.

Convert Cubic Meter to Ton Register

Instant free online tool for cubic meter to ton register conversion or vice versa. The cubic meter [m^3] to ton register [ton reg] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert cubic meter or ton register to other volume units or learn more about volume conversions.

How Do You Convert 1 Cubic Meter of Natural Gas Into MMBTU

How Do You Convert 1 Cubic Meter of Natural Gas Into MMBTU? You can measure a natural gas by finding its volume in cubic feet. According to Tulsa Gas Technologies, the energy output of one cubic foot of natural gas, on average, is approximately 1000 BTUs.

Natural gas price statistics

Prices include the basic price of the natural gas, transmission and distribution charges, meter rental, and other services. Natural gas prices for household consumers are presented including taxes, levies, non-tax levies, fees and value added tax (VAT) as this generally reflects the end price paid by …

Oil Gas Conversion Chart

2014-04-20 · = 5,487 cubic feet of gas * Natural gas is converted to barrels of oil equivalent using a ratio of 5,487 cubic feet of natural gas per one barrel of crude oil. This ratio is based on the actual average equivalent energy content of Total’s natural gas reserves. 1 barrel of crude oil per day 1 ton of crude oil = = 1 ton of oil equivalent

How many kilograms in one cubic meter of natural gas

There are 1000 liters in one cubic meter. 22.4 liters of any gas is equal to 1 mole, according to molar volume. Molar mass tells us that the main component of natural gas, methane, or CH4, has a ...

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gas central heating boiler. Learn about the benefits of different boilers and central heating systems. If you're getting a new boiler, it's important to know the different types available. View More; 2018410 - Photo: A typical gas central heating boiler. The big pipe coming out of the top is the flue. The hot and cold water and gas pipes enter ...

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gas oils -0.08 kerosenes -0.06 lubricating oils -0.1 methanol 0.7924 motor gasolines -0.08 naphtha 0.885 n-pentane 0.62624 propane 0.531 propylene 0.5139 sulfur 2.06 toluene 0.866 xylene 0.86 SPECIFIC GRAVITY Important Disclaimer: Conversion Factors are provided as a reference only. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

What are Ccf, Mcf, Btu, and therms? How do I convert

What are Ccf, Mcf, Btu, and therms? How do I convert natural gas prices in dollars per Ccf or Mcf to dollars per Btu or therm? Btu—British thermal unit(s) Ccf—the volume of 100 cubic feet (cf) M—one thousand (1,000) MM—one million (1,000,000) Mcf—the volume of 1,000 cubic feet MMBtu—1,000,000 British thermal units Therm—One therm equals 100,000 Btu, or 0.10 MMBtu

How much gas do I need to heat one cube meter of water using

Heating engineers probably use different units (kwatts, therms, btu etc), but the route to the final answer is similar. Boilers are usually rated in kwatt hrs. So you can readily convert the answer to the approximate time required for a boiler of a specific output to heat 1 cubic meter to whatever your final temperature is.

Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters Conversion (ft³ to m³)

Cubic Feet. The cubic foot is a unit of volume that is equal to the space consumed by a cube having sides one foot on each edge.. The cubic foot is a US customary and imperial unit of volume. A cubic foot is sometimes also referred to as a cubic ft. Cubic feet can be abbreviated as ft³, and are also sometimes abbreviated as cu foot, cu ft, or CF.

Convert m3/h to MMSCFD at 15°C

The Million standard cu-ft in gas per day unit number 0.00085 MMSCFD at 15°C converts to 1 m3/h, one cubic meter per hour. It is the EQUAL flow rate value of 1 cubic meter per hour but in the Million standard cu-ft in gas per day gas flow unit alternative.

How to convert 1kg of steam in m3?

5/3/2011 · The chemical energy, which is contained in coal, gas or other boiler fuel, is converted into heat energy when the fuel is burned. That heat energy is transmitted through the wall of the boiler furnace to the water. The temperature of the water is raised by this addition of heat energy until saturation point is reached – it boils.

Conversion of Cubic Meter to KG in LPG

Conversion of Cubic Meter to KG in LPG Hi, I am from India, working in a hotel, we are using LPG in liquid form (33.3kg cylinder), and i have a flow meter installed (Itron) which shows the reading in cubic meters...I want to know what is the rate per cubic meter, if the rate per kg is Rs. 60.06 (Indian Rupees)

Convert metres cubed to gallons

The SI derived unit for volume is the cubic meter. 1 cubic meter is equal to 264.17205124156 gallons. ... 10 metres cubed to gallons = 2641.72051 gallons ... It is the volume of a cube with edges one metre in length. Older equivalents were the stere and the kilolitre.

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Cubic Meter to Kilograms Converter, m^3 to kg Conversion, Liquid density charts

Conversion Factors

BTUH to Boiler Horsepower (Divide BTUH by 33,475) • PSIG to Feet of Water (Multiply PSIG by 2.31) Boiler Horsepower to Pounds of Condensate per hour (Multiply BHP by 34.5) • Boiler steaming rate (regardless of type or manufacturer) = 1/2 GPM per 1,000 sq. ft. EDR Fuel Values:

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Energy Conversion Calculator Convert From: Btu kBtu Million BTU Joules kiloJoules MegaJoules kWh MWh therm decatherm natural gas CCF natural gas CF natural gas M3 natural gas MCF steam pounds ton-hour gasoline gallons diesel gallons propane gallon kerosene gallons fuel oil #2 gallon fuel oil #6 gallon coal tons wood cord

Na tur al Gas Con ver sion Pocketbook

Na tur al Gas Con ver sion Pocketbook The International Gas Union (IGU), founded in 1 9 3 1 , is a w o rldwide n o n-profi t o rg an isatio n promoting the political, technical and economic progress of the gas industry with the mission to advocate for gas as an integral part of a sustainable global ener gy system.

Steam Volume, Steam Quality, Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam is totally dry and follows the gas laws. ... The chemical energy, which is contained in coal, gas or other boiler fuel, is converted into heat energy when the fuel is burned. That heat energy is transmitted through the wall of the boiler furnace to the water. The temperature of the water is raised by this addition of heat ...

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Instantly Convert Litres (L) to Cubic Meters (m 3 ) and Many More Volume Conversions Online. Litres Conversion Charts. Many Other Conversions.

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Measuring energy in food. Food calories are a measure of energy in food. One food calorie is equal to 1,000 calories, or 1 kilocalorie. For example, the energy in a 300-food calorie ice cream cone is about the same as the amount of electricity required to light a 100-watt incandescent light bulb for 3.5 hours.

How Many BTUs in a Cubic Foot of Natural Gas?

When you get your monthly natural gas bill, have you ever looked at it and wondered how much energy you're getting for all that money you pay? Gas is measured in cubic feet, but the measurement for the energy in that gas is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. Here is how to find out how many BTUs are in a cubic foot of natural gas.

Normal cubic meters (Nmh) and cubic meters (m3h)

For calculations of head loss, the size of volumes of gas (compressed or not) moved into the ducts must be given in cubic meters (m3). For conversions or Nm3 Nm3 m3 / h m3 / h: P 1 V 1 /T 1 = P 2 V 2 /T 2. p1 and T1 being normal temperatures and pressures v1 is the normal volume (relaxed)

Convert million btu to million tonnes liquefied natural gas

Convert energy units. Easily convert million btu to million tonnes liquefied natural gas, convert MMBtu to Mt LNG . Many other converters available for free.

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Coal, ton 27,000,000 90.3 Note: Combustion efficiency is based on boilers equipped with feedwater economizers or air ... A boiler fired with natural gas costing .00/MMBtu produces 450-pounds-per-square-inch-gauge (psig) saturated steam and is supplied with 230°F feedwater. Using values from the tables, calculate the fuel cost of producing ...

How much energy do you use to heat your home?

Whether you use natural gas, fuel oil, electricity or something else, you should be able to measure the energy used to heat your home. The two best places to start are energy meters and energy bills. If you use just one fuel for heating, and nothing else, then the annual usage of that fuel is the number you’re looking for, and should be quite ...